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United Pacific New Steel 5-window Coupe Body Dealer Florida


Clarke Hot Rods is a distributor for the United Pacific 1932 Ford 5-Window bodies. We have bodies IN STOCK on the east coast, saving you the crating and freight from California(approximately $1100). In-stock also means no waiting. You could have a body today if you drove to our shop and picked one up.

We can set you up with one of our frames or chassis as well to get you moving along quickly on your project. 

The Retail price on the body is $22,000, however we have flexibility on price if you are a customer of our shop. We are a real hot rod shop, not just a guy with a dealer account who drop ships your body 3 months after you purchase it.

Feel free to call with any questions. 386-566-4917. 

People are constantly asking us to buy the crossmembers outright - here they are. Get them while they are hot. $400.00 + $79 flat rate freight in the lower 48 states.
Call us anytime: 386.566.4917 Or email us: sales@clarkehotrods.com

1932 Ford K-member - This is really complete, one small notch inthe top to clear a larger batter box at some point in is life. The negative part of this K-member is that it has a lot of pitting, at the ends where it connects to the frame. In the center it is actually really nice, as this car apparently leaked a lot of oil and grease onto the center of it over the years. It is structurally sound, and in great shape, only the pitting is an issue - but it goes underneat the car right? No one will over see it again once the body is on it. $425 '33-26 Dropped Axle - This is a Ford Axle that has been dropped approximatlely 3". It has a great shape to it, and has a really nice drop on it. This is just an extra that we had our friends at fordaxle.com do for us, and we are thinning out some inventory around the shop. The axle has some pitting, it would be classified as a "paint quality axle" - you would have to spend some time trying to plate this one. $300 '32-34 Ford Spindles - these are nice spindles, they have been glass-beaded, magnafluxed, and are ready to go. We really like running these on cars with side steering - and MT Car now makes the '39-41 Lincoln brakes with the smaller '28-36 backing plate bolt pattern - that will bolt right up with no cutting our spacers $140