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Bad Ass 5w...


My roadster is on its 3rd speedometer - the first one died 92 miles into its life - the second made it to about 2000 miles. I put this one in the week before the car left for CA - When I dropped it off at Max's house for him to haul it out, the odometer read 150 miles...I would love to drive a roadster out here from FL one time...but it is hard enough to schedule time to be here for the week of the show, let alone another 4-5 days for the drive out. I guess I'm putting this in my "one-day" file, even though I've lived most of my life without one of those files. I guess that is why I'm sitting on the balcony of a hotel in SoCal writing this...and not in a 12th floor office in downtown Orlando with a neck tie on... My flight arrived at around noon local time, Max and Bob picked me up from Ontario International - and rushed me to the hotel. I couldn't figure out why they were in such a hurry...then Bob mentioned that I needed to clean the roadster up from the trip out, so "we" could go down to Whittier to a little Friday night show. Great. We headed down a little early - about 4 or so to beat the traffic on the 57. Since we were in Whittier, we figured we should stop by Limeworks an see Steve and the guys. The shop was buzzing at 4 on a Friday, tons of cars in process - a beater steel '32, a 4-door with a blown Hemi - you know typical Limeworks style...haha Back in the car and over to the parking lot cruise night....about 200 cars or so I'd guess, which is nothing for this weekly deal, a couple of the locals said it often is upward of 400. We have nothing like this in FL - we have a gathering once a month in downtown New Smyrna beach, with about 150-200 cars - but there is nothing like this. The event was held in a mall parking lot right in front of  a Sears store - and get this, the Sears gives away Craftsman tools every week to the winners of the show - that is right, a weekly parking lot gathering, with full-on trophies and prizes. They gave away a roll away tool box last night, at least 5 100+ piece socket sets...crazy. The biggest news of the event - my roadser won "Best Hot Rod" - trophy and all. I've won a few trophies from the various hobbies I've had over the years, but I'm pretty sure this is the first one that is related to a full-scale car. Now that I have a trophy, where do I apply for the trophy wife? Is that included in the trophy kit? Like a mail-in rebate? I'll ask J-Ro. Winning this 'prestigious' trophy at Ruby's Diner made me think of all those classic cars we see for sale on the east coast that the owner describes as a "California Show Winner" ...haha...I guess I can add that to the resume! I am so tired....Thursday nights in Daytona are pretty entertaining, and I couldn't miss a night out with my friends before hopping a flight at 7am. Thirsty Thursday at the Daytona Cubs game - Magic/Lakers downtown at Arena...But now with the time change I'm on about 3 hours of sleep in two days. Donut Derelicts in the morning -