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Categories: LA Roadster Show 2009

A1A - Daytona Beach

Well, the ’09 LA Roadster Show is right around the corner…and it seems like we were just there riding around in the little ’31 on Deuce rails…”Chili Verde”

This year we are bring my own personal car out to drive, the Imola Red McGee stunt double…ha.
So I have spent the last couple of days getting m it ready for the trip. its a good idea to put a wrench on the important bolts every now and then, especially when it seems like I haven’t done anything but drive the hell out of this car in the two years its been on the road. Here is the full gallery Imola Roadster

I took it out for a couple hour run up the coast this afternoon…what a great car this is. sometimes it takes a fast ride on a cool evening, with the ocean air flowing through the cowl vent to remind you of exactly why we love these cars…