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1932-ford-frame-overallClarke Hot Rods specializes in building perimeter frames and rolling chassis’ for 1932 Fords. We have been building our frame, chassis, and turnkey cars for over 15 years, producing several hundred 1932 and 1933-34 frames in that time. A relatively small number in relation to some of the mass-production street rod chassis shops, it has never been our intention to sell a high volume of chassis. We prefer to service our customers with a high quality chassis or frame designed to fit their individual needs – no one just needs a base frame, like the individual cars the will be come, each frame is unique and tailored to the customer in every way.

Each frame is assembled in one of our jigs, fully TIG welded, upon completion all welds are dressed and fully metal finished. Rolling chassis’ are assembled on our surface tables ensure all suspension geometry to be true and correct.

 The foundation for all frames are a pair of 10 gauge stamped frame rails, stamped Model A style front crossmember, and a tubular rear crossmember  that will accept coil-over shocks. The center crossmembers are styled after a stock ’33-40 Ford, and have a very OEM look and feel to it. This is the way Ford should have made their 1932 frame the first time. The center crossmember has a provision for bolt-on pedal assembly, which we also supply.1932-ford-frame-flathead-banjo-rear

Our standard frame is dimensionally 100% stock Ford, However we can tailor your chassis to meet your exact needs – pinched front rails for highboy applications, extended wheelbases, front and rear c-notches, fender mounting provisions, rear cross-leaf crossmembers, original-style Ford K-members for Flathead and closed-drive applications, clutch pedal assemblies and mechanical linkage for various manual transmission applications.

Our ’32 frame starts at $2350. Give us a call to discuss your specific project needs and what we can do for you. 386-566-4917