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United Pacific New Steel 5-window Coupe Body Dealer Florida


Clarke Hot Rods is a distributor for the United Pacific 1932 Ford 5-Window bodies. We have bodies IN STOCK on the east coast, saving you the crating and freight from California(approximately $1100). In-stock also means no waiting. You could have a body today if you drove to our shop and picked one up.

We can set you up with one of our frames or chassis as well to get you moving along quickly on your project. 

The Retail price on the body is $22,000, however we have flexibility on price if you are a customer of our shop. We are a real hot rod shop, not just a guy with a dealer account who drop ships your body 3 months after you purchase it.

Feel free to call with any questions. 386-566-4917. 

The Baer Chassis – all done and ready to start fitting the body & sheetmetal.


I was just sitting here on Christmas Eve clearing out some old pics and videos – and ran across this one of Chip moving his roadster from one side of the shop to the other. We were just standing there in the shop last June, and he needed to make some room – I just barely got my camera out and on in time to catch the moment –

My friend Joe called me up Saturday morning, needing my help to pick up a car. I had no pick plans for my day, and it was 100 degrees out, so I said lets go.

Turns out Joe was going to pick up this ForDor – super complete, very nice original sedan.  Aluminum oil pan, nice fenders with no bead brakes, etc. The plan is to build it slide in a hotter 59A motor, lincoln brakes, reverse the main leaves, and drive it…


I keep seeing this car around at all of the Florida hot rod events – and
I just can’t get enough of it – it is just such a sanitary little roadster – a
clean ’33 highboy with a highly detailed…. Click for the Full Story

tudor-1Well, after posting several barn/farm/shed finds of others / friends…I finally got mine.

About 2 years ago I was making some sales calls in an industrial area here in Daytona, going building to building on foot – I stopped in one particular building, and while talking to the owner, I noticed the top rear corner of a Ford sedan roof line…about a foot square of the rear corner of the roof was all that was visible…it had tons of stuff stacked in front of it. I took a picture that day with my cell phone, but I cannot seem to find that picture today. I asked “Is that a Model A sedan back there?” and she responded with, “no, that is ‘32 Ford”. I was so excited about it in that instant, I had to collect my thoughts and figure out how I was going to get my hands on that car! Read more »