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I keep seeing this car around at all of the Florida hot rod events – and
I just can’t get enough of it – it is just such a sanitary little roadster – a
clean ’33 highboy with a highly detailed…. flatmotor, 3 speed, columbia 2-speed, 17 & 18″ Divco wheels, chrome unsplit wishbone, etc. One trick item on this car is the passenger side spindle from a right had drive car, and attached to the uper steering arm is a second drag link running back to the frame, connected to a steering damper… I stumbled across it again at Billetproof Saturday and had to take a few pics…

Kirk purchased the car not long ago, and had Billy Gibbons sing the dash on the passenger side –  the car is adorned with “Mexican Blackbird” on the door tops, …cool stuff guys

Kirk lives here in the Daytona Beach area…I’m planning to get over there and get some better pictures of it one of these days…enjoy these for now –