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United Pacific New Steel 5-window Coupe Body Dealer Florida


Clarke Hot Rods is a distributor for the United Pacific 1932 Ford 5-Window bodies. We have bodies IN STOCK on the east coast, saving you the crating and freight from California(approximately $1100). In-stock also means no waiting. You could have a body today if you drove to our shop and picked one up.

We can set you up with one of our frames or chassis as well to get you moving along quickly on your project. 

The Retail price on the body is $22,000, however we have flexibility on price if you are a customer of our shop. We are a real hot rod shop, not just a guy with a dealer account who drop ships your body 3 months after you purchase it.

Feel free to call with any questions. 386-566-4917. 

We have been building  frames pinched in the front and rear for Model A bodies for years, including the popular Baer Roadster that has become one of our more popular cars to come out of our shop. That car rolled out the door in 2007, and we still get inquires about the frame and chassis under that car.



Below are a few additional photos of a recent frame leaving the shop, pinched both at the cowl, and the rear frame hors for a ’28-29 body. We only pinch the rear frame horns for a ’30-31 body.

As you may not know, we slice up the stock stamped rails, and recreate them as if they were stamped originally with the “pinched” dimensions. No hard steps in the rails, and no funky/wavy sections where the rails look bent.


When it comes to clutch linkage, the most reliable setup is still full mechanical linkage. We have had a few people inquire about how we build our clutch linkage recently, so here a few pics of a chassis in the shop with the complete linkage. These photos do not show the completed jackshaft, as it will have some gusseting on the levers when complete.




We have been tapped by Dale’s Auto Restoration to build them a ’32 perimeter, 107′ wheelbase, Highboy frame, Model A front, and a crossleaf rear. Solid bones for a fresh 5w.

The rails are going in the jig this week, should be an awesome project!

The Baer Chassis – all done and ready to start fitting the body & sheetmetal.


New pictures – it is rolling around!

People are constantly asking us to buy the crossmembers outright – here they are.

Get them while they are hot.

$445.00 + $79 flat rate freight in the lower 48 states.

Call us anytime:

Or email us: sales@clarkehotrods.com


It seems like lately the hot rod hobby is being inundated with all these “period correct” rules and regulations, and our shop is no different. We get so caught up in building cars that represent and “era” or even a specific year “1948”, that we lose sight of what is really important: build a hot rod that is fast, basic, dependable, and drivable. We used to have a saying around here that we build cars you drive 80 in the left lane….and this is one of those cars.

We were asked to build this chassis for Bobby Lynch with a pretty simple request and a long leash – Bobby wanted a nice tight car, with a killer stance, big ‘n littles, stick axles front and rear, chrome and polish everything, a big-inch flatmotor, and 3 pedals. Here is the start of that – our standard 106″ chassis, chrome I-beam, chrome ‘pins, 9″ on four bars….more to follow….

We have done a few projects for Shawn Baer over the years – you have all seen the sanitary little ’31 on deuce rails from a few years back – well Baer is back to the table for another project. This time is is a flathead Ford powered ’32 5w, 3speed, closed drive, ’40 rear, unsplit bone, ’40 brakes, etc. We are doing some out of the box things to dress the frame up a bit – We aren’t boxing the frame, only small sections near the center crossmember to tighten those areas up a bit, and will follow up with some rivets for good measure. We’ve pancaked a ’37 rear crossmember since this car will not be running a Quick-change, and a few more trick touches down the road – stay tuned….