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Categories: LA Roadster Show 2009

Update One: From seat 21d on a 757, most likely over Texas.

I’d like say this is a live update, but I don’t have internet at 30k feet. But it will be ready to publish when I hit the ground in PHX(layover)

Max called last night, he and Bob rolled into Diamond Bar yesterday afternoon, roadster is in good shape ready to hit the streets of sunny southern California. We are going to hit up the Donut Derelicts in Huntington tomorrow morning. I’ve never been down there for this, as many times as I’ve been to the LARS and the GNRS. Apparently we’ll need to leave Diamond Bar at 5am-ish to be there in time….nice.

Also a new wrinkle on the trip; some RC racing. About 8pm last night I found a way to pack my RC10B4 into my stuff, so can hit up the world famous OCRC raceway in Huntington Wednesday night. I’ve raced RC cars for nearly 20 years, and this track is where the fastest RC drivers in the world practice weekly.

Its funny how my favorite interests in life are the best in and around SoCal… surf, skate, girls(texas a close 2nd), rc racing, and hot rods, (Laker basketball?). Why do I not live here? I’m sure I’ll remember a few answers to that question by Wednesday…

SO….All the pieces and videos will be right here on the CHR site, however we will be doing some short streaming videos live from the field…you can check them out at qik.com/clarkehotrods .

More updates to come…