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100_2901I was standing in line at 6am this morning to buy a donut and a bottle of water. I don’t drink coffee.  The cute little girl handing me my change was the typical California girl in every way – if the Beach Boys made music videos in ’65, this girl could have been the star. If you asked this girl where she worked, she would brush back her blonde hair, smile, and tell you about this little mom&pop donut shop. And she may or may not mention in conversation that on Saturday mornings at this particular shop, all these old cars that show up. The Donut Derelicts is what car culture is all about in Southern California. You could bring someone from Albany Georgia here, they could spend 2 hours in the parking lot of this donut shop, talk to ten guys about their cars, and understand exactly the mentality of a California car guy. Outside of So-Cal, has anyone seen an under-construction belly tanker and a stocker ’32 Roadster at a weekly parking lot BS session? In Florida, this would be fully of ’38 Chevy 4-door sedans and rat-turd rods….unreal.

For years I have read about Brian Brennan attending the Donut Derelicts on Saturday mornings. He has mentioned it in his editorial so many times over the years, and of all the years I’ve been out to SoCal for various auto events, Read more »

Bad Ass 5w...


My roadster is on its 3rd speedometer – the first one died 92 miles into its life – the second made it to about 2000 miles. I put this one in the week before the car left for CA – When I dropped it off at Max’s house for him to haul it out, the odometer read 150 miles…I would love to drive a roadster out here from FL one time…but it is hard enough to schedule time to be here for the week of the show, let alone another 4-5 days for the drive out. I guess I’m putting this in my “one-day” file, even though I’ve lived most of my life without one of those files. I guess that is why I’m sitting on the balcony of a hotel in SoCal writing this…and not in a 12th floor office in downtown Orlando with a neck tie on…

My flight arrived at around noon local time, Max and Bob picked me up from Ontario International – and rushed me to the hotel. I couldn’t figure out why they were in such a hurry…then Bob mentioned that I needed to clean the roadster up from the trip out, so “we” could go down to Whittier to a little Friday night show. Great. We headed down a little early – about 4 or so to beat the traffic on the 57. Since we were in Whittier, we figured we should stop by Limeworks an see Steve and the guys. The shop was buzzing at 4 on a Friday, tons of cars in process – a beater steel ’32, a 4-door with a blown Hemi – you know typical Limeworks style…haha

Back in the car and over to the parking lot cruise night….about 200 cars or so I’d guess, which is nothing for this weekly deal, a couple of the locals said it often is upward of 400. We have nothing like this in FL – we have a gathering once a month in downtown New Smyrna beach, with about 150-200 cars – but there is nothing like this. The event was held in a mall parking lot right in front of  a Sears store – and get this, Read more »

Update One: From seat 21d on a 757, most likely over Texas.

I’d like say this is a live update, but I don’t have internet at 30k feet. But it will be ready to publish when I hit the ground in PHX(layover)

Max called last night, he and Bob rolled into Diamond Bar yesterday afternoon, roadster is in good shape ready to hit the streets of sunny southern California. Read more »

My flight touches down in Ontario at 2pm pacific time on Thursday. Max should be rolling into town at that time with the roadster. I will be updating this site with updates several times a day for the entire week – commentary, picturs, videos, interviews, etc. This could be nearly as good as being there yourself. Many of you followed us last year, in case you didn’t you can see those posts last year HERE

Saturday morning we’ll be driving down to Huntington for the Donut Derelicts, hitting up the Antique Nationals, and spending the entire week visiting the various shops and after parties. Most people know about the big party/open house at So-Cal, but we are going to take you all to the smaller gatherings, inside the shops you only hear about after the fact.

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A1A - Daytona Beach

Well, the ’09 LA Roadster Show is right around the corner…and it seems like we were just there riding around in the little ’31 on Deuce rails…”Chili Verde”

This year we are bring my own personal car out to drive, the Imola Red McGee stunt double…ha.
So I have spent the last couple of days getting m it ready for the trip. its a good idea to put a wrench on the important bolts every now and then, especially when it seems like I haven’t done anything but drive the hell out of this car in the two years its been on the road. Here is the full gallery Imola Roadster

I took it out for a couple hour run up the coast this afternoon…what a great car this is. sometimes it takes a fast ride on a cool evening, with the ocean air flowing through the cowl vent to remind you of exactly why we love these cars…


We are pleased to announce that we will be particiapating in the build of this incredible car. The original Model 40 Speedster was built by Edsel Ford in in 1934, and was recently sold at the Amelia Island Concourse – Info on the original can be found here, Edsel’s Model 40 Speedster. The below rendering is of the new car – which will be based on a ’34 Ford passenger car frame. Several clever modifications will be reproduced, as Edsel did before, including an aggressive pinch to the front frame horns, as well as flipping the rear portion of the chassis to facilitate the underslung rear suspension…. more details to come…

This year, on the Friday night during the Daytona Turkey Run, we will be having some friends over to the shop. This will be highly informal deal…. a gathering of cool hot rods and good people.

More details to come…


I keep seeing this car around at all of the Florida hot rod events – and
I just can’t get enough of it – it is just such a sanitary little roadster – a
clean ’33 highboy with a highly detailed…. Click for the Full Story

tudor-1Well, after posting several barn/farm/shed finds of others / friends…I finally got mine.

About 2 years ago I was making some sales calls in an industrial area here in Daytona, going building to building on foot – I stopped in one particular building, and while talking to the owner, I noticed the top rear corner of a Ford sedan roof line…about a foot square of the rear corner of the roof was all that was visible…it had tons of stuff stacked in front of it. I took a picture that day with my cell phone, but I cannot seem to find that picture today. I asked “Is that a Model A sedan back there?” and she responded with, “no, that is ‘32 Ford”. I was so excited about it in that instant, I had to collect my thoughts and figure out how I was going to get my hands on that car! Read more »


Day 5 at the ‘08 LA Roadster Show
By Tim Davis
Semi-Pro Karaoke Singer

I actually had 2 people ask me at SoCal’s open house tonight why I didn’t post Day 4. I’ve become a quasi-celebrity…. In LA, the land of celebrity –  How big must I be in Omaha at this point? Read more »